POVRAY - Animations

Camera Panning

  1. Create pan.ini and flame.pov using the code below. Save both files in the same directory on your hard drive.

  2. Run the INI file in PovRay and notice that several Bitmap images are created. Modify the number of frames, image size, animation speed, and camera angle to your liking.

  3. Use IrfanView to convert all of your images to GIF's. To do this use the "Batch Conversion" option under the File menu.

  4. Use UnFreez to create a looping animation called anim1.gif.

  5. Add your animated GIF to week5.html. Upload these files to your FTP directory.

Moving Objects

  1. Create anim.ini and anim.pov using the code below.

  2. Repeat steps 2 through 5 above to create a looping animation called anim2.gif.

Be Creative

  1. This week's project grade will be based mostly on this part of the exercise. Your goal here is to make your instructor say "Wow!" really load and uncontrollably after seeing your creation.

  2. Create creative.ini and creative.pov that has either camera panning or object motion. Pick one of the following ideas to get you started:

  3. Create an animated GIF named anim3.gif. Add your GIF, creative.ini and creative.pov files to your week5.html file.

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