Cambridge University Press will publish a book called "The Great Comet Crash" in the Fall of 1995. David Levy's "Impact Jupiter: The Crash of Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9", will be published in September by Plenum.


PBS Video offers a video entitled "The Great Comet Crash." It costs 69.95 + 8.50 handling. If you're interested, you can reach PBS Video at the following number: 1-800-328-7271.


Here is a list of publicatons and there are references to journal articles at the end of the SL9 Frequently Asked Questions List and under the question "Where can I find more information?".


  "SL9:IMPACT '94 CD-ROM":
    Files: 714 images, 50 animations, 814 texts
    Software: OS/2, Dos, Win, Mac
    Orders: E-Mail:, Fax: 214-650-1929, PaperMail to:
      Network Cybernetics Corporation
      4201 Wingren Road, Suite 202
      Irving, TX 75062-2763, U.S.A.

  "Astronomie Software Service":
    Pre-Impact images, animations, texts (released July 94)
    Software: OS/2, Dos, Win, Atari
    (this disk contains also general [non-SL9] astronomy stuff)
    Info: (Daniel Roth)

    Over 1000 images, text files
    Software: Dos, Win, Atari
    Info: (Daniel Roth)

  "Shoemaker-Levy Comet Collision with Jupiter":
    Files: over 350 images, 16 animations
    Software: Win, Mac (advertised in the mags)
    Geppetto & Son Inc, Phone: (800)269-2605 (USA only), Fax +1(303)346-4003

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