Conversion of Absolute Magnitude to Diameter for Minor Planets

H = Absolute Magnitude:
p = Asteroid Albedo:
D = Size Estimate: kilometers

You can change H and p in the text boxes above and recalculate. The size of a minor planet was estimated using the following equation:

H is the absolute magnitude of the minor planet. This is the magnitude that it would have if it was 1 AU from the Earth and 1 AU from the Sun while having a phase angle of 0 degrees. This is an impossible scenario but it is just the definition of H. This is different than the absolute magnitude used for stars. More Information

p is the geometric albedo of the minor planet. Perfect reflectors of light have A=1 and perfect absorbers have A=0. Typical minor planets have a range of values:
0.05 < A < 0.25 More Information

D is the diameter of the minor planet in kilometers.

The estimates are also available in a table from the MPC.

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