Our Place in Space

This is a wonderful children's program that features several colorful and lively animal characters (Scarlet the macaw, Paula the polar bear, Indy the elephant, Charlie the crocodile, Sheba the cobra and Leo the lion). The story begins with a crossword puzzle book falling from the sky and landing on Scarlet's head. When she opens the book the first puzzle she comes to is called Our Place in Space. For some help in solving the puzzle clues, Scarlet travels all over the world to visit her friends. Each friend is able to teach her something new and exciting about the Earth and Space! The discussions center around the following themes: The Sun as a Star, What Makes the Sun Move, The Planet Earth, A Weighty Subject - Gravity, The Shadow of Night, Constellations are Star Pictures, Getting into Space. Scarlet's journey finally ends with an imaginary space trip as Captain Leo takes her to visit the planets and moons of our solar system and the stars beyond.

Length: 40 minutes