Light Years from Andromeda

A beam of light leaves a star in the Andromeda Galaxy and travels across the void of intergalactic space. For much of its journey it traverses the nearly-empty realm between galaxies. In the meantime, on a planet located in a neighboring galaxy, intelligent life evolves.

As the light speeds across the light years over the course of many centuries, the primitives on the planet form cultures and civilizations ― and begin to wonder about the universe surrounding them. Their awareness of the night sky increases as the beam of light draws nearer to their planet. When the light reaches the Earth, some of the descendants of the early hunters have just escaped the bonds of their world's gravity, and visited the Moon.

In modern times, scientific study of space helps the planet's current inhabitants use light to explore the galaxy from which it came — and beyond.

Light Years From Andromeda teaches the concepts of light speed, and the light year and how astronomers use them to measure distances to some familiar celestial objects— the Moon, the Sun, the planets, nearby stars, and galaxies. The show briefly touches on the properties of light that help determine a star’s age and temperature, and gives a fascinating look at how light and distance allow us to “look back” further in time as we gaze farther into space.

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Length: 30 minutes