Outstanding Physics Student Award

This award is based on scholastic achievement in and outstanding service to the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Stephen F. Austin State University.

Recipient Year
Deborah Forrest  1974
James B. Harris  1976
Jo J. Burroughs
John C. Cooper 
Kerry G. Coffman
David M. Lindberg 
Rebecca S. Billings  1979
Darlene G. Reynolds  1982
Robin Haines  1984
Jerry Halliburton  1985
Danny Bruton  1988
Marvin Blake McBride  1993
Tammie L. Borders  1995
Michael C. Welch  2001
Dayna Renea Newman  2002
Kris Byboth  2004
Kellie Fletcher  2005
David Carson Fuls 2007
Ken Lambdin
Katie Lynch
Cody Bushnell
Thomas J. Frenzel 2013
Awards and Scholarships
William H. Bailey
Brian Patrick Hanson
Eleanor Jane Gruebel
Outstanding Student
Clayton Award
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