USGS Seismograph

SFA Observatory, Nacogdoches, Texas

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The red "x" marks the location of the site. Note that the yellow curve indicates electrical lines and internet access to the small dome. The orange cables are for our radio telescope array.

This is a recent photo near the small dome. Notice the two blue barrels are the planned home of the seismograph system. The two radio telescopes in the background are also shown in their temporary location - close to the small dome. They will be moved back to the corners of the site after the Spring 2004 semester.

This image shows an open barrel with a concrete slab in the bottom. Note that the bottoms of the barrels were cut off before they were placed in the concrete. This was done several weeks ago. Notice that there is a little water on top of the concrete. It's a small ammount of water considering how much it has rained recently. It rains a lot in Nacogdoches. For example, it rained both times Jay was at SFA. (We now have experience in digging in wet red clay.)

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