The Main Screen

UT->- the Universal Time
Operat->- the telescope's operational status. A variety of messages may appear here, such as Ready, Moving, Select Group, Focus, Integrating, Advance, Backup, or Jump.
Object->- the current object.
Filter->- the current filter.
IntLen->- the length of the next integration.
L Pmt->- counts/second from the left hand photometer.
C Pmt->- counts/second from the central photometer.
R Pmt->- counts/second from the right hand photometer

      The right hand side of the screen contains both the Main Menu and the data screen. Each of the many menus of three_c are discussed below. General rules for the use of the menus are:

  1. Select a menu item by placing the highlight bar on the item using the cursor keys and pressing .

  2. Backup to the previous menu by pressing ESC.

  3. The highlight bar will wrap around in both directions in most menus.

  4. Items can also be selected using the "hot keys" indicated.