Three_C 2000 for Windows

Three Channel Photometer Controller


Three_C 2000...
  1. ...reads the counts from the amplifier/discriminator circuit using the CTM-5 card.
  2. ...was written in Visual Basic.
  3. ...uses modified code from the older DOS version of THREE_C.
  4. ...uses Keithley DLL's for the CTM-5 card.
  5. ...includes a CTM-5 help file.
  6. Pins 36, 19 and 17 of the CTM-5 card are tied to the amplifier/discriminator circuits of the left, center and right channels of the three channel photometer.
  7. The gates (pins 37,18,16,14,12) are control by 0.1 second pulses from Counter 5 Ouput (pin 31).
  8. Total counts and standard deviations are computed from the counts aquired during many 0.1 second integrations.
  9. More notes are provided in the three-ring binder for the 41" telescope.