Main Menu - Miscellaneous

    Main Menu - View Log

      When the disk output option is being used, the file information on the images stored to disk is kept on a log file. The option will display the contents of that file to the screen.

    Main Menu - Occultation Program

      The occultation feature was implemented by David Rosprim for his masters' thesis. As currently implemented it prompts the user for key presses to begin the data collection. The Most Accurate Clock is assumed to be present. The time is read, the computer clock is reset, and the starting time in put onto the data stream. The present data collection rate is 250 Hz, but we will be experimenting with rates up to 1000 Hz, if the signal-to-noise ratio permits. The data are stored in memory, for the duration of a one-minute interval. The Most Accurate Clock is read again and an ending time stamp in put onto the data stream. The data are then sent to a file on the hard drive and control is returned to the Main Menu. Data reduction and analysis programs are available to help in occultation work. These programs can apply filters to smooth the data and can find the optimum Fresnel fringe pattern by the process of differential corrections.

    Main Menu - Exit ITAS-18

      Selection of this item resets the interrupts back to the way ITAS-18 found them on program startup. It does not return the telescope to the HOME position and does not close open data files. Be very careful in the use of this function since it is the only way to exit the software package.