Writing Topics – SFA 101

Below are eleven possible paper topics for you to choose from. You are required to write on five of the topics. Please identify the topic (by number) at the top of each paper. You may choose which topics, and the order in which you turn them in. Papers are due at the beginning of class on the dates noted above in red.

1.      Take a 30-45 minute day-time walk through the arboretum and along LaNana Creek with a friend (stay in area around campus). Describe in detail two things along the way that caught your attention. Assess your thoughts and feelings before, during, and at the end of the walk. Did you sense a change in focus, concentration, relaxation, or general energy level?

2.      Go to a college football game. Describe some of the different people and actions you observe. What makes people seem interesting or attractive to you (as people to get to know, not necessarily as dating possibilities)?

3.      Interview an RA for your dorm. What are his/her thoughts about the job? What are two dorm situations that he/she hopes not to have to deal with during the year? What is his/her favorite thing that has happened on the job?

4.      Sometimes the responsible thing to do may feel strange or awkward (or it may not!). Go out and buy a condom. Turn in the receipt with a date on it, and a summary of your thoughts before, during, and after you bought the condom.

5.      What was the biggest adjustment that you felt you would have to face when you started school at SFA? Why did you think that? Now that you've been here awhile, do you think that was the biggest thing, or did something else end up being the biggest adjustment? If it changed, describe what that something else is and why is became the biggest adjustment. Finally, what have you done to help yourself adjust -- both regarding the "big adjustment" and other, smaller adjustments.

6.      Volunteer to help at one of the agencies around town. Write about your experience. Don't just summarize what you did; include your impressions and feelings about the experience.

7.      Why did you choose SFA?  Be honest – I won’t tell the registrar.

8.      Describe one of your long-term goals. Be specific and discuss ways you intend to bring it about.

9.      Convince me to vote for your favorite candidate for public office. Don't just go out and get their propaganda, but use your own thoughts and ideas about why they would be the best choice for the job.

10.  Get on the World Wide Web. Spend 30-40 minutes searching for information on a topic that interests you. Summarize your topic, what you found, and your thoughts about the experience.

11.  Getting involved is a very important aspect of college success.  Attend the meeting of a campus student organization and tell me about the experience.