Lab Schedule - Fall 2000



Lab Time:         1:00 - 3:50 Wednesday

Instructor:         Craig Welch





Due Date

6 September


20 September

20 September

Absorption of Radiation

4 October

4 October

Electrostatic Deflection

11 October

11 October

Electron and X-ray Diffraction

25 October

25 October

Eigenvalue Problem

8 November

8 November

Blackbody Radiation

29 November

29 November

Critical Potentials

6 December



Elements of a Good Report


Avoid Noise

    Bad Grammar

    Bad Punctuation

    Unknown terms or jargon


    Unsupported Statements

    Poor page layout



    Use ragged right edge (not justified)

    Use Times Roman font, 12-point, 1.5 line spacing (leading)

    Use headings in a different style

    Justify your claims

    Show relevance of what you write

    Build a logical argument


Writing for Readability

    Write clearly

    Write short, simple words when they are sufficient

    Write with vigor

            Use specific, concrete language

            Avoid slang or jargon

     Be concise - Avoid redundancy

    Vary sentence length

          Sentences with new ideas should, perhaps, be shorter

            Sentences used to support an idea can be longer