Office Hours

Fall 2000

MTWR 1:30 - 4:00 PM

Dr. N. L. Markworth


Room S-322F

A New Lab manual (1998 edition) is available in the bookstore. Lab Syllabus page is here.

Reading Assignments and Test Schedule



Exam Date

Section I - Relativity

Chapters 1 - 2

September 18

Section II - Quantum Mechanics I

Chapters 3 - 5

October 16

Section III - Quantum Mechanics II

Chapters 6 - 7

November 13

Section IV - Statistical Physics, Molecules, and Solids

Chapters 8 - 10

December 11 1030-1230



3 @ 112/3%


Final Exam



Problem Set Ave









A 90 - 100      B 80 - 89      C 70 - 79      D 60 - 69      F < 60

Figures from the Laboratory manual may be obtained here.
Get the spreadsheet for Lab 1 here.

This syllabus and other course material can be made available in other formats.

Problem Set Guidelines

  1. Use lined 8 X 11 paper.
  2. Write on only one side of the page.
  3. Start each problem on a new page.
  4. Staple the pages together at the top left corner.
  5. Do not turn in original drafts. Problem solutions should be neat and well organized.
  6. Place your name and problem set number at the top of page.
  7. Begin each problem with a drawing whenever it is appropriate.
  8. Clearly label all symbols used. Use the same symbols on your drawing as in your equations.
  9. List all known quantities, identifying them by the symbols of your drawing.
  10. Show the pertinent equations first in complete form, and then as applied to the particular problem.
  11. When numerical values are substituted into the equations, write the units (when applicable) of each value.
  12. Show all of your work. Don't skip steps, since this will make your work hard for me to grade and you to understand. Likewise, skipping steps makes you more prone to errors.
  13. Intermediate results may carry extra significant figures, but final results should be expressed with the proper number of figures.
  14. Box in your answer, making sure to include units.
  15. Go back to the question to make sure you have answered it.
  16. Include a cover sheet that includes your name, the course, the chapter, and a listing of the problems followed by blanks, e.g.,

3 _________

8 _________

10 _________

Many of these particular guidelines can be summarized by one guiding principle:

If you have gone to the effort of solving the problem,

take enough pride in your work to show me how you did it!