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Musical Acoustics

Physics 118 Online

Dr. N. L. Markworth

Fall 2011



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Introduce students to the scientific approach to musical acoustics.





Learning Objectives:


·        To learn something of the ways in which music as an art form intertwines itself with our understanding of vibrating objects.

·        To study in a qualitative manner the concepts of auditory perception.

·        To learn how vibratory physics instructs the craft of the instrument maker.




The text is Fundamentals of Musical Acoutics, second, revised edition by Arthur H. Benade The readings indicated in the Course Calendar correspond to chapters from this text. PHY 118L, the Acoustics Laboratory is a corequisite and a new edition of the lab manual is available in the bookstore. The Power Point slides linked above are an integral part of the lecture presentation. If you have a slow network connection, I can provide these on a CD. Allow me a day to burn one for you after you request it.






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The test dates in the Course Calendar are deadlines by which the exams must be completed. These dates are to insure sufficient progress in the course to allow you to complete it within the semester you are enrolled.

Tests can be administered in three ways:

1.    In the Steen Library InfoLab 1 on the dates and times in the Course Calendar.  Those who are close to Nacogdoches are encouraged to take the tests at these times.

2.    In my office (Science 322f), if you are close to Nacogdoches but can’t make the testing time.  Please schedule these tests well in advance so that I can get you on my calendar.

3.    If your schedule or your distance prohibit you from making the regular test time or place, it is possible to test remotely. Please use the following procedure for remote testing:


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There will be four major exams, each covering a limited amount of lecture and text material. The dates of these exams are listed in the course outline below. The final exam will not be comprehensive. No make-up exams will be given except by EXCUSED absence. The exams will count for 15% each, for a total of 60% of the course grade.





Term Project:

A term paper will be required on the acoustics of your selected instrument.  The paper due dates will be sent by email early in the semester.  The term paper counts as 15% of the course grade.  You should review the University policy on academic integrity and plagiarism.






Each major exam will be graded on a 100-point scale. No grade curving is done on any grade in this course. The lecture and lab grades will be combined and the same grade will be recorded for both lecture and lab.


Lecture                                                       % of Lecture     % of Course

Exams (equally weighted)



Term Paper




Lab                                                                 % of Lab        % of Course





A    90 – 100      B   80 – 89     C   70 – 79     D   60 – 69     F    < 60





Technical Requirements

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