Eleanor Jane Gruebel Memorial Scholarship
Eleanor Jane Perry Gruebel (1921-1977), an American Indian of the Kootenai-Salish Tribe, was born during a blizzard in Hot Springs, Montana. Jane considered that life's greatest achievement was to be well-educated. She thought sophomore and junior students with potential for excellence should be recognized and that no approbation is more meaningful than recognition from the faculty. The award of this scholarship in her memory is initiated by the physics faculty and conferred upon a sophomore or junior physics major to recognize potential for excellence in physics
Recipient Year Recipient Year
David Grimes   1977 Randall Schindler 1998
Rebecca Billings   1978 Joshua D. Arceneaux 1999
Scott Duplichan  1979 Harold Plaisance 2000
Diane Adams 1980 Ronald Roland Coryell 2001
Thomas Young   1982 Daniel John Wilson 2002
Philip Blackburn   1984 Teressa Monrones 2003
Jennifer Sue Young   1985 Kellie Fletcher 2004
Paul Driskell   1986 David Hartmann 2005
Eric Russell   1987 Jose Salazar 2006
Danny Bruton   1988 Brittany Sherwood 2007
Matthew Sherman   1989 Paul Sanders 2008
Tracy Lyn Fox   1990 Blake A. Moore 2009
Glenn Ray Webb   1991 Chad Golden 2010
Donald Glen Webb, Jr.   1992 Cassandra Lindsey 2011
Tammie L. Borders   1993 James Jeffins 2012
Russell A. Coy 1994 Zachary Shivers 2013
Carlton F. Stewart 1995 Trevir Gilbert 2014
Janell L. Cannedy 1996    
William Scott LaNeave 1997    
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Eleanor Jane Gruebel
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