Harry D. Downing


Professor of Physics

Chair, Department of Physics and Astronomy

Education and Experience

My B.S. in Physics was obtained from the Arkansas State University in 1968. I immediately began graduate work at the Florida State University and received my M.S. in Physics in 1970 and my Ph.D. in Physics in 1973. Both involved research in infrared spectroscopy of gaseous CO2.

From 1973-75 I worked as a post-doctoral student at the Kansas State University where I conducted infrared spectroscopy studies on various liquids.

In 1975 I joined the faculty in the Department of Physics at Stephen F. Austin State University. Since 1988 I have served as chair of the Department of Physics and Astronomy.

Research Interests

My latest research efforts involves the near-normal incidence infrared reflectance studies of aqueous solutions of acids, salts, bases, etc. I perform a Kramers-Kronig analysis of the reflectances to generate the absorption and refraction indices which are useful in the calculation of the scattering of infrared radiation from planetary aerosols.

Courses Regularly Taught

PHY 101 General Physics I

PHY 108 - Introduction to Engineering/Physics

PHY 241 - Technical Physics I

PHY 242 - Technical Physics II

PHY 250 - Engineering Statics

PHY 321 - Engineering Dynamics

PHY 347 - Mathematical Applications in Physics I


Awards and Recognitions


e-mail hdowning@sfasu.edu

Harry D. Downing
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