How To Compute Your Physics 101 Grade

In the Online Grade Worksheet below enter your percent scores in each category and hit "Calculate."
You can use this worksheet to find out what grades you will need on each exam to get the grade that you desire for the course.
{Note that it is possible to have a 105 percent average due to the bonus points from participation (attendance, classroom exercises, etc.). This information is also on the syllabus.}
You can also print out this web page with each table showing on separate pages.

Online Grade Worksheet

Type in your percent grades below to determine your PHY 101 grade.
         Lecture Exam 1: 
         Lecture Exam 2: 
         Lecture Exam 3: 
          Lecture Final: 
           Bonus Points:  
Lab Experiments Average: 
              Lab Exams: 

Recall that the lecture and lab grades will be combined as shown on the syllabus and the same grade will be recorded for both lecture and lab on your transcript.


Printable Worksheet for 800-Point Grade Scale

           Lecture Exam 1 _____ x 150 =  _______

           Lecture Exam 2 _____ x 150 =  _______

           Lecture Exam 3 _____ x 150 =  _______

           Lecture Final  _____ x 150 =  _______

             Bonus Points _____ x  40 =  _______ 

               Lab Grades _____ x 100 =  _______

                Lab Exams _____ x 100 =  _______
                                Total =  _______ 

Divided the total by 800 to get your average.

                     Your Course Average _______