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The main objective of this course in mechanics is to develop in the engineering/physics student the ability to analyze any problem in a simple and logical manner and to apply to its solution a few, well-understood, basic principles.  A cooperative problem solving approach is taken where students develop time management skills and teaming skills.

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Engineering Dynamics



Dr. Harry D. Downing
Department of Physics, Engineering and Astronomy
Stephen F. Austin State University




Vector Mechanics for Engineers:  Statics and Dynamics (11th Ed.)

by Beer, Johnston, Mazurek, Cornwell, & Self
ISBN:  9780077687298 or 9781260052848 or 9781260053432 




Spring 2018

Department Course Syllabus (General)

Downing’s Lecture Syllabus

Course Calendar
Office Hours:  11:00-11:40 MWF; 2:30-3:30 TWR, or by appointment

Office:  Miller Science Room 322B

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Assignment for the semester – due dates will be given in class.

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PowerPoint Lectures Online

Some PowerPoint shows used in class are available at links on the left side of this page.  Viewing these is no substitute for class attendance since the shows for the most part are outlines.  If you don’t have PowerPoint on your computer, follow the instructions below to download a free viewer.

  • Step 1: Download Microsoft's Free PowerPoint Viewer to a temporary directory (e.g. c:\Temp\).
  • Step 2: Download one of Dr. Downing's PowerPoint Lectures to the same temporary directory.
  • Step 3: Run Microsoft's Free PowerPoint Viewer for the PC. You will find it in the temporary directory.
  • Step 4: Load one of Dr. Downing's PowerPoint Lectures and enjoy.

Harry Downing
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