Physics 108 is an introductory course in physics problem solving geared toward prospective engineers and physicists. This course along with analytic geometry will prepare the student for the rigors of the Physics 241 & 242 series.


Physics 241
Technical Physics I


Section 1

Dr. Joe Musser

Section 2

Dr. Tom Callaway





Two Attempts per Quiz, Highest Grade Recorded


Problem Assignments

Problem Solution Format


Course Calendar


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Extra Credit

You can earn up to 20 points added to your test scores total by attending Physics Department seminars. This link provides the extra credit form that you will present to your professor. You can attend up to four seminars for five points each.

Students who have work conflicts or another class at 4pm on Thursdays can work one of the following problems as the alternate assignment for any seminar that was missed: 4.68, 4.70, 11.62, 15.79.  

Lab Schedule

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Problem Solutions

Click on the link below to view solutions to selected problems:

Links to problem videos.


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