More on Dr. Gruebel's Purple Heart

Here are three messages from alumni:

From Fred Van Orsdol:
> As I recall, Dr. Gruebel came to SFASU in 1968-69, my Senior year.  His
> knowledge, character, wit, concern for the students and ability to teach were
> immediately apparent.  I appreciated knowing him and wish him the best.
> My father, who passed away August 30th, also earned the purple heart during
> W.W.II.  He was wounded in Okinawa, about 8 days into the battle.  He also
> participated in the invasion of Leyte in the Philippine Islands.  He was in the
> 96th Infantry Division, U.S. Army, but he traveled aboard ship several times
> between campaigns.  I wonder if he and Dr. Gruebel ever crossed paths?
> Fred V.
 From Larry Luther:
> Dr. Gruebel was shot down during the Battle of Santa Cruz. A history of
> that battle can be found at
> <> By the by Dr. Gruebel
> was in an Avenger (aka the pregnant turkey) when he was shot down. This
> is the same aircraft flown by former President Bush (#41).
> "Buzzard Brigade"  i.e. Torpedo 10 Insignia
From Robert Barbee:
> Really enjoyed the newsletter yesterday, especially the link to the award of the Purple Heart to Dr. Gruebel.  I always had a lot of respect for Dr. Gruebel as a teacher, but I never had a clue about his military service or that he is in fact a war hero.  I sent the link to my wife, and since he appears so different than he did to us when were frequenting the math and science building, it inspired her to dig out our copy of the 1969 "Stone Fort" (SFA's yearbook back then - I suppose it still is). Below is a scan of page 63 from that venerable text, showing from left to right, Dr. Decker, Dr. Dennis and Dr. Gruebel (thanks, again for such great newsletters and keep em comin - I just hope the school will somehow recognize and reward you for the extra work you're doing - RDB):