The Space Shuttle Columbia
        Dan Bruton

How You Can Help

Please help with the shuttle accident investigation by reporting the location of any debris that you find. Any piece found - whether it be a scrap or metal, a tile, a circuit board, or whatever - could help solve the mystery of the accident and help the space program. Contact the Johnson Space Center Emergency Operations or email images to

"The legacy of Columbia must carry on -- for the benefit of our children and yours."
--The families of the space shuttle Columbia

Nacogdoches Reports

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A ~30-45 second rumble was heard about 8 AM on Feb 1, 2003. The images below are from the Nacogdoches area. - Dan Bruton

Images by Chris Dahl and Dan Bruton from Nacogdoches

Canvas with slick wax-like surface, 9" by 9" in size with 3" by 3" square stitching with missing treads at 45 degree with respect to bottom, found at Pioneer Part in South Nacogdoches

"I looked at the fabric image. The specimen appears to be indeed a segment of "beta cloth"... The fabric that is highly utilized to cover and provide thermal protection for space hardware in the cargo bay. Its appearance (waxy coating on one side).. could indicate that it was utilized as part of an expriment "emblem patch".... The printing may have been "thermally" erased. Such emblems are attached with "velcro" along the edges where there is "stitching".. this could have ripped from that attachment. I do not want to further speculate... but would like to qualify these remarks by indicating that it appeared similar to "emblem patches" places on "Get Away Special GAS program containers." Furthermore I did see images from the news where one could identify these 5 cubic foot. experiment containers nearly intact... but without their beta cloth covering. The reader should please bear in mind that these are only initial "lead in" suggestions. Please feel free to circulate these comments to the public if necessary.
Rolando M. Branly

Same canvas with slick wax-like surface, addition parallel stitching seen ~.5" apart

Same as above

Metal found on Seale Road near Pioneer Park in Nacogdoches, TX (not guarded at the time, call made, hope it was collected)

Same as above with apparent tile outlines

Same as above with apparent tile outlines

Same as above with apparent tile outlines

Same as above with apparent tile outlines

Small piece of heat sheild, GPS, Police Officer, in forest area between the Music Building and the Austin Building on the SFA Campus in Nacogdoches, TX

White material on the opposite site of the black tile above

Images by SFA Student Harold Plaisance from Downtown Nacogdoches

Douglass, TX - "This is the biggest piece we found. It looked about 6 ft long." - Elizabeth McDaid

Other Pictures

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