Request for Letter of Recommendation
from Dan Bruton

Please complete the information below to help me write an accurate letter of recommendation. Thanks!

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How long have I know you?  

What is/was your major at SFA?  

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Please provide the mailing address(es) of the company or school that I should use for the letter of recommendation.
Note: I can only mail or email letters directly to the company or school. I cannot give the letter to the student asking for the letter.

Please provide a web address for the job application, job description, company description, or school description.

What courses have you had from me? (e.g. PHY101, EGR111, etc.)  

What organizations have you been a part of? (e.g. SPS, etc.)

Have you taught any labs for the department? If so, which ones? (e.g. PHY 101, etc)

What words best describe you as a student? (e.g. hard working, motivated, works well in a team, works well independently, )

Is there anything else that you would like for me to add to your letter of recommendation?
If you have a web page or resume online, then please provide the web address below.