E-mail Requirements

  1. Your Name (at the bottom of the message)
  2. Course Name (in subject of your message)
  3. Correct Spelling
  4. Do not use "i" or "ur". (Capitalize "I". Use the shift key.)

Good Email Message

Subject: Astronomy 123 - Appointment

Hello Dr. Smith:

I am in your Astronomy 123 class on MWF at 11:00am. I noticed that your office hours are on Monday through Friday from 2 to 4 PM. I work during those hours and was wondering if I could make an appointment with you at 1 PM on Friday.

Donna Starr

Bad Email Example

Subject:  blank

i jus wondring win ur homework is due   write me back

E-mail Format Guidelines

Please follow the guidelines below when sending an e-mail message to your professor. This will save time and communicate your questions or comments clearly.
  1. Be professional.
  2. Use complete sentences.
  3. Put the course name in the subject of the email message. For example, use "Astronomy 123 - Homework Question".
  4. Begin your message with your professor's name.
    For example, use "Dear Dr. Smith:".
  5. Include your name and email address at the end of your message.
  6. Use capital letters in the body of your message when appropriate.
    For example, use "I will..." instead of "i will...".
  7. Check your spelling. For example, do not use "u" in the place of "you" or "ur" in the place or "your".
  8. Do not use all capital letters for words in your email messages. This is sometimes seen as yelling.

Business E-mail Messages & Professionalism